Cold NanoFusion™ Alloy Metal Protection and Restoration
          Next generation life extension for critical parts in aerospace, power                         generation and industrial machinery

What Does Cold NanoFusion™ Technology Do?

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Aerospace Solutions

World's first process to restore gas turbine blades. . .

Cold NanoFusion™ technology restores worn, unweldable turbine engine blades and extends the life of new turbine parts, saving tens of thousands per overhaul.  ASAP is the only FAA-certified repair station offering NanoFusion restoration and protection.  Also restores and protects industrial gas turbine components.

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. . . and airframe & accessory parts

Airframe and accessory parts made of unweldable alloys are being restored to service instead of being scrapped.  Makes Maintenance & Repair Organizations (MRO's) more competitive, lowers cost-of-ownership.


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Industrial Wear Solutions

A family of treatments that significantly extend the life of uptime-critical parts & improve machine performance

Wear-Tek™ --  Prevents wear, erosion, corrosion, high-temperature damage and more.

Slip-Tek™ --  Prevents galling and fretting while producing dry, self-lubricating, sliding surfaces that reduce friction.

Sharp-Tek™ --  Greatly extends the sharp-life of cutting blades and tools.

Cav-Tek™ --  Prevents cavitation damage to pumps, impellers, valves and propellers.

Grip-Tek™ --  Increases gripping power of friction drives, clamping and material handling equipment without damage to the material being handled.

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