About the Company

Advanced Surfaces was founded in 1989 as a contract material science research and development firm.  It specialized in the surface modification of metals with electro-spark deposition (ESD) or electro-spark alloy (ESA) technologies.

As work progressed over hundreds of military, government, and industrial projects, company researchers identified and characterized over thirty primary variables which affect alloy surface characteristics and types of grain growth.  It was knowledge gained from the characterization of these interactions that led to Advanced Surfaces' family of engineered NanoFusion treatments; each one optimized to solve specific metal performance problems.  The company also designed and manufactured its own patented equipment- the only system world-wide capable of producing these NanoFusion surfaces.

The company's proprietary processes and patented equipment not only proved to be effective in greatly extending the life of industrial metal parts in severe-service duty, but also introduced new capabilities not possible before with first generation ESD technology.  Foremost of these new capabilities is the unique ability to fully restore worn, damaged, and unweldable superalloy turbine engine components without harm.

In 2007 it was decided that the company would transform from an applied research focus to providing NanoFusion solutions directly to its customers.  Everyone at Advanced Surfaces is dedicated to the mission of economically solving problems for people dealing with wear problems on metal components, especially components made of unweldable alloys.

Contact us to see if a NanoFusion alloy might be the answer to your difficult metal wear problem.

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