Industrial Wear Solution Family



  • "Off the scale" hardness levels without heat damage to the substrate.  Exceeds both Rockwell B & C hardness scales.  Click here for hardness chart
  • Prevents wear, erosion, abrasion, corrosion & high temperature damage under extreme loads
  • Is the only way to hard-face dimensioned, unweldable parts
  • Reported service-life extensions of 300%- 600% plus are common
  • Not a coating which can chip or peel off.  Forms a true metallurgical bond with substrate.  Click here for illustration
  • All metals can be protected, even unweldable metals like titanium. Exception: gray cast iron (ductile cast iron can be treated)
  • Excels in protection against very high and low pH's (especially alkaline)
  • Wear-Tek "hard-face on hard-face" is a very effective solution
    (e.g. over 17-4 stainless)
  • Available in extra smoothed form for close tolerance parts

Typical Applications:

  • Uptime-critical machined parts in 24 x 7 process environments
  • Parts made of exotic metals that cannot be heat-treated without damage
  • Pulp & paper refiners, heavy wear parts
  • Rotating power generation plant parts (gas & hydro applications)
  • Valve parts, especially in high speed, high pressure, and abrasive environments
  • Pump parts handling abrasive / corrosive liquids and slurries



  • Significantly reduces metal-to-metal sliding friction and fretting
    Click to view Chart A (steel)  or  Chart B (aluminum)
  • Prevents galling, wear and frictional heating
  • Produces a very durable base alloy but is manipulated to promote the concentration of an integral dry lubricant on the alloy surface, significantly reducing sliding friction and wear.
  • High temperature stability, far above limits of most lubricants, provides lubrication after oil lubricant film failure
  • Self-lubricating effect is long lasting
  • Dimensional tolerances are controllable for close fitting parts
  • Can be used in dry or liquid lubricant environments



  • Significantly extends sharpness-life for cutting tools, blades, bits and saws
  • Patented process produces a self-sharpening effect which contributes to extraordinary sharpness-life
  • Cutting-life extended from 2 to 5 times and up (depending on application)
  • Less downtime for replacement and/or sharpening of cutting edges
  • Purchase fewer new cutting tools
  • Cut quality is maintained longer, sometimes improved



  • Engineered to defend against cavitation damage
  • Does not chip or splay-off like coatings
  • For pump impellers, pump volutes, valves, propellers and other machinery subject to cavitation
  • Excellent protection in high-velocity, high-suction pumping applications
  • Provides very good corrosion and erosion protection
  • Adds high erosion resistance when pumping abrasive liquids & slurries



  • Maximize microscopic surface gripping power
  • Surface micro-roughness is increased to produce strong gripping surfaces for applications where maintaining grip and traction is a problem, and where normal solutions can not be used or won't last
  • Prevents slipping of friction drives, especially under wet conditions
  • Increases holding power of grabbing and clamping jaws and chucks on industrial machinery, robotic and hand tools, and medical instruments
  • Prevents damage to the gripped surface material under high clamping loads (vs. solutions like knurling)
  • Long lasting gripping surface
  • Available in two gripping "grades": Regular & Heavy

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